Christian Elementary School in Avon IN

Elementary (Grades K-4)

It is the aim of our school to educate and develop the whole child for the glory of God in partnership with parents and the Christian community.

But what does this look like in the formative years of elementary school?

-We love our kids!  Our teachers strive to demonstrate to our students through their words, actions, and attitudes that our students are loved, valued, and of immeasurable worth.

-We love learning!  Our teachers endeavor to create a learning environment that devours students’ attention by utilizing a variety of teaching styles, questions that stimulate critical thinking and a deeper understanding, interactive and hands-on learning, personalized instruction that reaches every student, and by modeling how a passionate learner learns and grows.

-We love others! Instead of remaining isolated within the walls of our classrooms, our school is committed exploring tangible ways to serve our community.


Kindergarten is designed to make learning enjoyable and lay the groundwork for a fruitful education and future.


-Bible: Purposeful Design

-Language Arts: Wilson Phonics (K-2), 6+1 Traits of Wirting (K-8th)

-Math: Go Math

-Science: FOSS


-Hands-on, multisensory learning that targets individual learning styles

-Various instructional and learning settings: independent, small group, whole group

-Animal Unit and Oral Report

-Apple Orchard & “The Barn” at the fairgrounds

-Graduation program


-Discovering literary framework: letters form words, words develop sentences, & sentences create stories

-Learn to communicate through writing

-Develop a strong number sense; counting, representing, writing numbers 1-100

Must be 5 years old by August 1

-Half-Day – Monday-Friday 8-11 a.m. (moving to 8-11:30 a.m. in 2020-2021)

-Full-Day – Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

Grade 1

First grade builds upon a strong literacy and numeracy foundation, adding new experiences into their daily learning with special science and social studies projects.


-Bible: Purposeful Design

-Language Arts: Fountas and Pinnell

-Math: Go Math

-Science: FOSS

-Social Studies: IN Timelinks


-Indianapolis Children’s Museum

-Indianapolis Zoo

-Safety Training with Avon Fire Department

-Various instructional and learning settings: independent, small groups, whole group

-Music, Art, Computer, Library, and PE specials


  • Progressing from beginning readers to readers of chapter books
  • Mastery of addition and subtraction facts
  • Memorizing all 66 books of the Bible
  • Hands-on service projects to local community

Grade 2

In second grade, children broaden their reading and math skills, experiment with nature, learn why an understanding of the the past is important to our future, and begin incorporating their knowledge and experiences into daily practice.



  • Severe Weather Project
  • Native American Dwelling Project
  • Life Cycle Studies of Butterflies and Plants
  • Nature Discovery at Eagle Creek Park and Pioneer Experiences at Conner Prairie
  • Scriptural Character Studies


  • 2 and 3 digit subtraction
  • Mastery of addition and subtraction facts
  • Hands-on service projects to local community

Grade 3

Third grade is an age of exploration and discovery, where students cultivate reliable study skills, develop individual accountability, and learn to ask questions that stimulate critical reasoning.



  • Living History Museum
  • Owl pellet dissection
  • Foreign Countries Research Project
  • National Institute for Fitness and Sport
  • Countryside Meadows – Community Service Outreach
  • Comprehensive Cursive Instruction (Zaner-Bloser)


  • Mastery of multiplication facts
  • Cultivation of strong study skills
  • Ability to write legibly in cursive
  • Development of cohesive paragraph writing
  • Hands-on service projects to local community

Grade 4

Fourth grade are beginning to become more independent learners, transitioning from elementary to intermediate school.



  • Indiana Historical Society
  • State Capitol
  • Solo and Group musical performances
  • Hands-on/Interactive Math and Science Curriculum
  • National Underground Railroad Freedom Center


  • Mastery of division facts
  • Cultivation of strong study and critical thinking skills
  • Mural in local community

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