Middle School

KCS 8th Grade Graduation Program

Middle school students will have challenges in all areas of life: academic, social, physical, and spiritual. We at Kingsway Christian School in Avon, IN are here to walk alongside and help them reach their full potential to glorify God and use their gifts and abilities for the common good of our school, community, country, and ultimately the world.

Fifth grade – an important year of growth.

Students experience many “firsts,” from switching classes and teachers each day to participating in school sports, band, choir, drama and technology. It’s also a critical time when peer influence and relationships are very important. Spiritually, students are taking beginning steps to make their faith personal through serving opportunities and developing a Christian worldview.

Sixth grade – a year of changes

Even though the sixth grade year is one of physical and emotional changes, our sixth graders’ independence shines through at every opportunity.  They finish the year as well-trained jugglers, choosing which classes to take, switching classes every 50 minutes, getting used to each teacher’s differences and operating their own locker. Most become involved in extracurricular activities throughout the year too, learning time management and priorities. They also love to have a good time with each other during Spirit Wear days, fundraiser competitions and visiting the Creation Museum.

Seventh grade, thinking more deeply

Intellectually, seventh graders begin to think and reason on a much more abstract level. Emotionally, they start to solidify friendships. Morally, they want to make the right choices and tell others about their beliefs. They also take on more responsibilities in their school work, athletics and extracurricular activities, but those go hand-in-hand with more freedoms as well. Right before our eyes, seventh graders blossom into teenagers who are ready to take on what’s next.

Eighth grade, a moment at the top

Students look forward to eighth grade from the moment they enter middle school.  Underclassmen praise them for their accomplishments, admire them for the examples they set and spotlight their involvement. When eighth graders graduate, we’re sad to say goodbye to them because they’ve been an important part of every day. But we are also overjoyed because we have faith that the seeds we planted will continue to be nourished and will, with prayer and time, grow into something quite beautiful.

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