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Letter from KCS Head of School Dr. Julie Giardino

Dear Charger Family, I am happy to announce 2020-2021 back to school plans. It is finally time to get back to community and back to learning! The desire to preserve student health and safety is not new to Kingsway Christian School. It has always been our practice to have a secure, healthy school. Our recent past has been spent examining and attending to our learning environments by enhancing internal communication systems, reducing clutter, updating furniture, creating modular environments, and improving overall cleanliness. Safety, security, and health will always be an important part of KCS operations. We have studied the data and read the narrative. We have prayed steadily for God’s wisdom and guidance for a plan that reflects His gift of protection and acts on due diligence and wise counsel for the betterment of our school.

The entire KCS staff and leadership are committed to keep our school environment healthy and secure so students can grow in physical, emotional, spiritual, social and academic realms. The plan you are about to review is intended to bring an understanding of how KCS school days will look during the 2020-2021 school year. This plan is the result of several weeks of discussions, prayer, and study of current information as well as evaluating past experience. Our plan simply reflects our desire to keep the Charger culture intact while continuing to strengthen the healthy learning environments for students. KCS is uniquely positioned, thus you may note differences from other recently published re-open plans. God has provided a unique physical environment for our students. We are planning to leverage all the physical space God has provided to our advantage. Given that our building is situated on over 60 acres and provides internal space of 110,000 square feet with 10 ft. wide hallways in most areas, we are poised to deliver exciting and complete programs that cannot be delivered in the same way by other schools in Hendricks County. We are committed to use every good gift God has provided to achieve the mission He has called us to pursue.

As you review this plan, keep in mind that there are many documents that were consulted to create a complete approach to the 2020-2021 school year. Feel free to review the publicly available documents in the attached appendix if that is a productive exercise for your family. The Executive Leadership Team at KCS will continue to monitor conditions locally and regionally as the year progresses. KCS will prayerfully walk in wisdom and with caution as we go forward. We will not operate in fear, but we will continue to develop realistic approaches for addressing issues as they arise. Of course, we will regard mandates declared by our Governor or other officials. I ask that we all remain flexible and responsive to the context as reality will dictate our need to respond.

As always, I welcome your questions and conversations. You are our partners and I appreciate your trust and dedication to Christian education. You have consistently demonstrated the value of KCS through your sacrifice and love. Our teachers are excited! Let’s go back to school together. July 30 can’t get here soon enough!

With strong love and honor to the One who sustains,

Julie Giardino, Ed. D.
Head of School | Kingsway Christian School



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