Is Christian education and Kingsway Christian School really worth it?

God has entrusted all of us with financial resources; some more, some less than others. But, we believe that there are few things more important than our children’s education. Christian education has eternal significance. Kingsway Christian School is prepared to partner with you.

Is Kingsway accredited?

Yes, we are accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International, AdvancED, and the Indiana Department of Education.

What is the actual cost of a Kingsway Christian School education?

The actual cost for your family may vary depending upon financial need. For the 2020-2021 school year, tuition is published on our KCS website. Students and families are also responsible for incidental charges related to athletic and extracurricular activities, in which they choose to participate. Payment plan fees apply depending on the payment plan selected.

What is Financial Aid?

Tuition assistance, in the form of a grant, may be offered to families who are able to demonstrate they need financial help to offset the cost of a Kingsway education. Assistance may consist of funds from the Indiana Choice Scholarship program, qualified scholarship-granting organizations (SGOs), Commitment to Christian Education, or tuition assistance subject to student eligibility.

Who can apply for Financial Aid?

Any family that has a full-time student entering KCS is eligible to apply for need-based tuition assistance.

How does a family apply for Financial Aid?

Kingsway uses a third-party service provider, FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, to review families’ financial information and make recommendations regarding assistance. An enrolled family begins by completing an application for tuition assistance online with FACTS. Families should begin applying by April. However, your previous year’s Form 1040 federal tax return and accompanying schedules must be submitted to FACTS in order for your application to be considered complete and verified.

How is financial need determined? Who is eligible?

The need is determined by calculating the difference between the total cost of education and the family’s ability to pay. FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment sends Kingsway a Report of Family Contribution (RFC), which makes a recommendation about a family’s ability to pay. Awards are determined on an individual case basis by the Financial Aid Committee. All information is kept confidential.

Is tuition assistance awards automatically renewed each year?

No. Since financial situations can change from year to year, and since the school’s tuition assistance budget can vary from year to year, it is necessary for families to reapply each year.

How much aid would I qualify for?

Unlike some schools, we don’t have a simple formula that answers this ultimate question. Because we are committed to understanding your financial situation from a comprehensive point of view, we resist publishing absolute ratios. We understand that today’s income is not the sum and essence of your situation. Many variables could have already impacted your financial life or may still be relevant (past job loss, extended family obligations, unusual medical expenses, real estate transactions, etc.).

Accordingly, we encourage everyone who feels they can’t afford the tuition to apply. We realize that many will never be able to afford the full price, and that some may be going through a temporary downturn financially. We strive to support families in these situations. Consequently, if you have a need, we encourage you to apply for aid.

When will the tuition assistance be awarded?

A letter will be sent approximately four weeks after the financial aid deadline. The student must be accepted and have completed enrollment for the upcoming school year before aid is awarded.

Does Kingsway help those families with more than one child enrolled?

Absolutely. Kingsway offers a Christian Commitment Grant. This is for families that have multiple students attending Kingsway or students that attend a Christian high school. Grant applications can be found here.

How is my confidential family information handled?

Kingsway cares deeply about respecting your privacy. FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, our third-party provider, is a reputable firm that provides the initial evaluation step. FACTS serves private and faith-based schools nationwide and has a confidential and reliable process. After FACTS finishes their evaluation of your application and tax forms, they send us a recommendation for an award. Our Financial Aid Committee reviews the FACTS recommendation and any additional information that you have provided directly to Kingsway. Your family financial information or aid award amounts are confidentially maintained within the confines of our business office.


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