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Read what some of our current families say about Kingsway Christian School.

The Gholdson Family
"We came to Kingsway Christian School through our church, Kingsway Christian back in 2003 with our oldest child, our daughter. She attended the preschool program up to the 8th grade when she graduated. *She's currently a junior@ IUPUI for Elementary Education. Since then we've had another daughter complete her elementary education at KCS, also graduating in the 8th grade. Our last child, our son will be an 8th grader this school year, and with his graduation, it'll be hard to believe that this chapter in our lives of KCS will come to a close. It's bittersweet to know that for these past 17 years we've called Kingsway Christian School our second home. *I often joke with my kids that I don't know what I'll do without our morning commute. My cars been on auto-pilot all these many years. Why did we choose KCS? When we were expecting our first child in 1999 we knew already that we wanted to raise them up in a Christian education. We had our hearts set on KCS, and it's been the best investment into our children's lives, both spiritually as well as educationally. We are so blessed to have such a tremendous institution in our community. God has said in 2 Chronicles 15:7 "But as for you be strong, and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded." We love the values instilled in each and every student & staff's hearts here at KCS. They have a love for God, a love for learning, and a love for others. Daily they honor Jesus's teachings with truth, love, and grace. Watching our children's lives develop into the people and characteristic traits they hold so dearly, are all thanks to the experience they lived at KCS. They were made better here, with God's words, put forth into actions. We are excited to see what they've learned from KCS, and ready to watch their lives unfold into his world, to praise his name holy, and forevermore. To go and be a disciple amongst his people, to be the hands & feet of Jesus.” -
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The Kimmerle Family
“We chose KCS because we wanted a quality education for our children framed within a conservative worldview and taught by educators who partner with our family to reinforce the same faith and Biblical principles we teach our kids at home. We also wanted a school that had an academically challenging curriculum and smaller class sizes to better service the needs of students. We chose to stay at KCS for the past 10 years because we see the investment it is making in our children’s lives. Our expectations have been met and the community we’ve received within KCS is invaluable! We have experienced teachers and administrators who go above and beyond in their interactions with students. They are just as concerned with spiritual and character development as they are academic success. They provide a safe, friendly and welcoming environment for children daily. We are so grateful to be partnering with KCS!”
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The Baldwin Family
“Kingsway Christian School has been a part of my life for the past decade. I recently celebrated my 10-year anniversary as a staff member, and my children have been students for 9 of those years. Why do we choose Kingsway? When we were first expecting my son, I clung to the verse Psalm 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Raising a child is not an easy job, but investing in your child’s training is rewarding and fruitful, just as God’s word has promised. We wanted our children to be guided by Christians who value the same ideas that we know are true and right. Why do we choose Kingsway? We love the teachers, administration, school board, support team, and staff! I work with amazingly talented professionals who emanate Christ and live out their faith daily as they pour into their classrooms, hallways, fields, stages, and beyond. They don’t just teach or lead their subject area well; they infuse biblical truth and guide students to discover God’s handiwork and beauty in all things. My kids love their teachers and when I ask them what they love most about KCS, they always mention their teachers and the impact they have had on their life. My children have formed wonderful friendships and they enjoy participating in band and other extra-curricular activities like theater, cheer, and soccer. As a parent, I know my kids are being mentored and discipled by their coaches, directors, and teachers. Because training a child is important, we choose Kingsway Christian School. Kingsway has been like a second family to us, and our children have blossomed into caring young adults. I look forward to watching them continue to grow closer to God as they discover His plan for their lives.”
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The Carlisle Family
“We were not familiar with Kingsway when it was recommended by Sydney’s preschool teacher. She felt Kingsway would be a great fit for our family. Our first interaction with the school was a meeting with Mr. Myers. Wow! We were blown away. It was not long into Kindergarten that we knew we had found a perfect fit. Kingsway is full of phenomenal teachers and staff that love our girl like their own. She is getting an amazing education not only in academics, but also in learning to love and honor God. We are so thankful and blessed to be a part of the KCS family!”
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The Gabbard Family
“We initially chose KCS because of the intentional partnership they have with parents regarding Christian education. Their desire to cultivate within students a love for God, learning, and others is something that we prioritize as a family, so it seemed like a natural fit. From the very beginning, KCS has felt like home to us. The small class size allows for a comfortable learning environment that shows both the importance of relationships as well as academic excellence. In addition, the level of intentionality and care shown by each member of the KCS family has instilled a greater confidence in KCS being the education of choice for our family.”
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The Lowe Family
“We started at KCS because we wanted to do half day Kindergarten – never planned on staying past Kindergarten…but we completely fell in love with KCS! The teachers are so very intentional and clearly love the kids. In hours, they spend more time at school than at home once they are in all day. It is an indescribable blessing to know that when I drop my children off at KCS they are not only being provided an excellent education, but are actually being DISCIPLED and pointed to Jesus all day. We have been so blessed to be there these last 4 years — don’t know how we will ever leave!”
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The Palmer Family
“Kindergarten at KCS was our first year here and was a fairly easy transition from pre-school for our son. He loved his teacher and classroom. He really enjoyed reading groups and the variety of classes such as art and gym. We have always taken advantage of the extension programs, so that we can try something new. Micro-soccer right after school is also a great way to get to know the students and parents more. ”
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The Fuller Family
“We chose Kingsway for our family because we want to be intentional about our kids’ entire educational experience. We know their spiritual formation will be emphasized throughout the curriculum and in every experience, and we trust the incredible teachers and staff at KCS to play a pivotal role in their mentorship and development into Kingdom workers.”
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The Jeffries Family
“My husband and I knew choosing Kingsway Christian School as the preschool option for our daughter, Hailey would provide a good educational start but more importantly grow her relationship with the Lord. Over the past two years, we have watched Hailey flourish socially and spiritually and she is more than ready for Kindergarten this fall. We’re choosing Kingsway Christian School for Hailey’s elementary education because we want the love of Jesus present and at the forefront of her education. We appreciate the small class sizes and the love she receives from all the teachers and classmates. It’s a financial sacrifice that we’re excited to make and look forward to many great years ahead with our daughter as a Kingsway Charger!”
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The Scoggins Family
My husband and I were in search of a school that would offer a strong academic curriculum. More importantly, one that would integrate God’s word into every facet of study, including all extra curricular activities. We wanted a school that valued an environment where teachers and staff would partner with us to cultivate a rich learning experience for our son. A partnership that would provide a solid foundation to help our son discover and understand the truth about the world around him. A school that would better prepare him to live a life effective in service to God’s Kingdom. That is when God led us to Kingsway Christian School. We enrolled our son in the 1st grade and he is now finishing up his 8th grade year. Looking back over the years, we are so thankful for God’s guidance that led us to KCS. The richness of these years will never leave our hearts. The teachers and staff see each student uniquely created by God and focus on developing and enhancing those unique qualities. KCS teachers and staff pray with us. They encourage, celebrate, laugh and love on us in such a special way that is genuine and heartfelt. They are all simply amazing and we love forever our Kingsway Christian School Family.”
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The Grimsley Family
“Why did we choose Kingsway? Well, to be honest, we didn’t – our daughter did! She actually attended a local public school for kindergarten and just 2 weeks before school was scheduled to start for 1st grade, she out of the blue said, “Mommy, I want to go to Kingsway!” Needless to say, I was shocked at first wondering what had happened in public school, what I had missed, etc. and so I finally asked her, “Why?” She promptly responded with one simple, profound sentence – “I want to worship Jesus every day and I know I can do that at Kingsway!” So, how did we address this sudden shift in our plans? Well, quickly and prayerfully!! And, may I add – JOYFULLY! Toree is now a 5th grader and as we look back on our choice to enroll her at Kingsway, we are so thankful the Lord prompted her heart and provided the means. Our decision to join the KCS family has gifted us with a community filled with loving teachers and staff who are dedicated to providing an excellent education while encouraging each child to deepen his/her faith and relationship with Jesus. And, an added bonus, I have made some incredible friends who encourage me, increase my joys and lessen my burdens and are always there to share a hug, a prayer and a smile! Kingdom work is happening daily within the walls of KCS!”
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The Jones Family
“Why did we choose Kingsway? Despite the fact that there are other solid schools in our area, our prayer and desire for our children is for them to be able to look at all areas of academic study from a Biblical view. We want them to grow academically but also in their faith. We are seeing our prayers answered daily! Our children are developing Biblical worldviews and are growing in their faith journeys! As an added bonus, they’ve made excellent friends and have had incredible teachers! We are so thankful for KCS and are proud to be a #Charger family!”
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The Owens Family
“Kingsway has been in my life for over 30 years. I attended Kingsway myself from 1st to 6th grade! So when my husband and I started having children that is where we wanted them to go. My oldest started attending when she was just 3 years old as a pre-cub. She is now an eighth grader and has loved every year! I also have a 6th grader, 3rd grader, and kindergartner that are all students at Kingsway. They all love it and have the most amazing friends. They get to learn about God along with all the other subjects. The teachers are phenomenal and truly love their students. The parents here are amazing too and I’m so thankful to be a part of this community. This year I was so blessed to became a Para, so I get to see the school from a whole new perspective than ever before. I have an even deeper love for it now than I ever thought possible! We are so thankful for KCS!”
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The Herbert Family
We choose Kingsway for many reasons but our top 3 are…. 1. We wholeheartedly believe that teaching our boys about Jesus begins in our home. What a beautiful picture it is when we can partner with the teachers and staff at Kingsway and then see the fruit of them speaking the same biblical truth into our boys that they are receiving at home!! 2. A solid reading and phonics curriculum in early childhood is important to me! KCS has helped lay a strong foundation for our 2 big boys along with fostering a genuine love for reading. Our youngest is an emerging reader at KCS (preschool) following along the same reading path as his brothers! 3. Our boys love playing sports and being involved in clubs. Our 2 oldest sons have found a love for soccer while playing in the elementary microsoccer league. We have an up-and-coming 5th grader who is very excited to to try out for the different competitive and successful sporting teams that KCS has to offer. We are a PROUD Charger family!!
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The Blume Family
“Several years ago, before my son and daughter were even born, my husband and I made the choice that our children would attend Kingsway Christian School. We both have a background in Christian education, and we knew from several trusted mentors and friends that KCS is special. Fast forward a few years, I was in my 7th year teaching in a public school. God really began tugging on my heart that He wanted me to make a move to Christian education. I began realizing that not having the ability to talk about my faith with my students and my coworkers was weighing on my heart, so I took a leap of faith and made the move to KCS– and I haven’t looked back! I love that the staff and families take such a personal interest in the people at KCS. We lean on each other, pray for each other, and encourage each other daily! Even more, I love that in addition to teaching my students reading, math, and all the basics, I also get to teach them about the Bible and about God! Having a small hand in pointing their little hearts to the Lord is such an honor and I love their many, many questions! Also, as a parent I love seeing how much my son has grown since being at KCS. He is in the PK3s, and my husband and I have seen so much growth not only in his academics, but also his social skills and love for Jesus! Making the move to KCS has been one of the biggest blessings I’ve ever experienced for both myself and my family!”
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The Parker Family
“Why do we chose KCS? Each morning when I drop my kids off … I never feel like I’m dropping them off with just anyone. I am dropping them off with a building full of family. Their teachers can tell a mile away if my child is having a off day. They hug on them, pray for them, pray for US as parents, and they love them SO much. I could NOT do this parenting gig the way I do without them. We chose KCS because of the staff!"
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The Davis Family
Kingsway Christian School has now been a part of our lives for the last 15 years. Before even applying for a teaching job at the school, my husband and I both knew we wanted our kids to be part of this school through our attendance at the church. As we then saw the love and guidance from the teachers and the integration of God’s Word through each subject taught it drew us in even more. It was an even bigger blessing when God opened the door for me to teach at the school and gave me the privilege of being in the same school building as my kids. My oldest daughter, Grace, has now graduated from KCS and is a sophomore at Avon High School. My youngest son, Ryne, will be a 7th grader. They love the many opportunities KCS has like choir, drama, softball, track, NJHS, and many more. Most importantly, they know they are being loved, prayed for, and spiritually mentored by all their teachers and coaches. This is one of the many reasons we love partnering with Kingsway Christian School. Kingsway Christian School is like a second family to us. They are always there to support my kids, myself as a teacher, and us as parents. I have loved getting to see the way this family of teachers, administrators, coaches, directors, and support staff have impacted my kids’ lives and how it has transformed and developed the character within them. We truly are blessed to be a part of the Kingsway Christian School family! ”
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